Authorship and Authors

Since the innovation of literacy, any pieces that have been published were writing by individuals or a group. According to Wikipedia author is “the person who originates when using the term author, the "anything" which is created is most usually associated with written work”. The author is also a person that contributed an actual contribution of a product that they create. Revising and remixing individuals creating will not make that person as an author. An individual how is revising an article should follow the rules of intellectual content that are apply to an author.

what is Author?

Sometime the reputation and the credit of an author will be misplaced because some individuals won’t credit that real author for his or her work. However every creating or design that an individual makes will come from others ideas. In this case the author used another author’s work to publish and produce his or her work.
Authorship guideline
Authorship Guideline

This video explain the guideline of author ship which is created by researcher at John Hopkins University