What is Rhetoric?

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the term Rhetoric mean “the art of speaking or writing effectively”, “skill in effective use of speech” and last but not least “verbal communication”.
Aristotle was mainly the founder of Rhetoric which he defined “rhetoric as discovering all available means of persuasion on topic”. Even during 4th century B.C he explains that every time individual use language in speech or writing he or she are engage in some for of rhetorical act.
As we leaned from the first reading assignment we understand that classical rhetoric is divided into five states.

Introduction to Rhetoric


Classical rhetoric divides the process of persuasion into five cannons:

1. Invention, the search for persuasive ways to present information and formulate arguments
2. Arrangement, the organization of the parts of a presentation to ensure that all the means of persuasion are present and properly disposed
3. Style, the use of correct, appropriate, and remarkable language throughout the speech
4. Memory, the use of mnemonics and practice of a speech.
5. Delivery, presenting the message with effective gestures and vocal modulation

Digital Rhetoric

The term of digital rhetoric is similar to classical rhetoric; however digital rhetoric uses digital genres in everyday discourse. With the growth of technological advance, the way we communicate and interact with each other advance as well. Technologies that are used in digital rhetoric such as Email, web pages, digital media, Slides/PowerPoint, video games, web logs/blogs, database, wiki, video, audio, Photoshop and any form of technical collaborations. One of the advantages of Digital Rhetoric over Classical rhetoric it’s faster to distribute, collect and exchanges ideas among individuals.

General Introduction to Digital Rhetoric

Some believes that digital rhetoric is will take away social and cultures awareness among individuals. In today technological age individuals using digital tools to collaborates among each others. They use online, text messaging, phone calls, emails, and other social networking site to socialize with their friends and family. These social activities can be done in a short period which takes away the concept of social interactions among human being.
On the other hand Theses social interaction that uses digital rhetoric can have a great impact among individuals that lives in a far distance.

Digital Rhetoric