Welcome To Hemen Rasul's Wiki page

This site is created to inform users about Rhetoric and other important topic that we have discussed in digital rhetoric courses throughout this semester. The main point that I want to emphasize in this page is Digital Rhetoric. Most of us are unaware about the important of digital rhetoric and how it dominates public affairs, educations, organization and any other task that involves digital media or web. Whenever we go on a computer we use some form of Digital Rhetoric but we might not know about it. Digital Rhetoric will advance as technology move forward especially digital rhetoric that involves web. On this wiki page I will create separate page for each topic that are a concept of digital rhetoric. On each page it I will provide a brief description and also provide links, videos, images that consist on each topic.

Throughout this semester we have learned about significant roll of digital rhetoric. One of the fundamental concepts of this course was relationship between classical and digital rhetoric. Classical rhetoric is the foundation of rhetoric, however since technology advance rhetoric was adapted to be used in digital media and webs.